Learning Programs - School Structure

School Size

Ripponlea Primary School is a small school, with a current enrolment of less than 300. Our size enables children to more easily form relationships, with both students and teachers, across year levels; and creates a strong sense of connection and belonging within a close school community.

Whilst small, you can be assured that Ripponlea is well resourced, offering weekly specialist classes in Visual Arts, Performing Arts/Music, LOTE/Italian and Physical Education, and extensive extracurricular activities.

Year Levels 

Ripponlea Primary School operates multi-age classes for Years 1 through 6. Foundation operates as a single year level. This structure enables us to maximise and enhance curriculum delivery, team planning, student welfare and school space.

Multi-age or composite classes have become common in most schools around the world including Australia. Research shows there is little difference between multi-age and single level classes when it comes to academic performance. Within multi-age classes, research highlights a range of benefits including student independence, responsibility and study habits.

Within the class, students are intentionally grouped for learning, acknowledging that children learn at different rates. In terms of social learning and building relationships, multi-age classes also provide the opportunity for younger children to learn from and emulate older children in their work, and the older children benefit from the mentoring and leadership roles they develop with the younger children.

Each year students rotate between the younger and older age groups within the class which creates a wonderful dynamic year to year, offering opportunities to make new friends in the years above and below, and strengthening the spirit of cooperation, tolerance and community that we pride ourselves on at Ripponlea.

If you have any questions about the class format we are always open to discuss these with you. Be assured that at Ripponlea, the learning program is tailored to the needs of your child; to best help them flourish both academically and socially.

Flexible Learning Spaces

An important feature of our approach to learning at Ripponlea Primary School is the way we have designed our flexible learning spaces.

School learning environments are changing. The traditional classroom model with rows of desks facing the teacher is no longer appropriate for contemporary learning styles that include collaboration, group discussion and group activities. Ripponlea has undergone a transformation over recent years, creating spaces that are flexible to the learning needs of our students.

Learning spaces can be rearranged in a variety of ways, designed for and by students to best suit the range of activities and experiences they engage in: for example, a quiet listening space, an active learning space, or a group collaboration and discussion space. This versatility also allows for easier rotation between activities and groups, and allows teachers to move freely to support students in their learning.

Flexible learning spaces support the team approach to teaching, making it easier for teachers to collaborate and students to work together and to experience a variety of teaching styles and mentoring. Having multiple teachers in a flexible space also enables students’ individual needs to be more easily supported.

The design of our classrooms is a reflection of how education and learning has changed and at Ripponlea Primary School our flexible learning spaces create a vibrant, welcoming and supportive environment for your child.