Learning Programs - Student Leadership

Each December, students nominate themselves for the position of School Captain, House Captain or Student Council Representative for the following year. They present election speeches to students in Years 2 – 5, who then vote in a ‘secret ballot’ election for the student they think is the best for each role. As part of this process, the Principal has the right of veto. The eighteen Year 6 and twelve Year 5 students elected to these positions carry out their roles with strong support from teachers as they learn and grow into the role.

Two Year 6 students hold the position of School Captain. These two captains work with different teams of students and teachers to coordinate whole-school events throughout the year. They lead whole-school assemblies, coordinate the Year 5/6 responsibilities and follow up to ensure these are completed. The School Captains act as the heads of the Student Council.

Four Year 6 students hold the position of House Captain in each House, preferably with a balanced representation of gender. The role of the House Captain is to focus on working together to organise and lead House events, including House Points Days, Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics and House Music competitions. Throughout the year, House Captains conduct regular House meetings to build House spirit and organise their tasks.

The Student Council is made up of four sub-committees of three Year 5 students, each with distinct responsibilities:

  • School Community Partnerships
    'student engagement' e.g. newsletter, student voice
  • Governance
    student well-being’ e.g. no hat no play, oval timetable
  • Facilities & Environment
    ‘sustainability’ e.g. playground equipment, Clean Up Ripponlea days
  • Finance
    ‘fundraising promotion’ e.g. Jump Rope for Heart, Halloween Fun Run

Student Council members focus on working together led by the School Captains and specialised sub-committees, depending on the focus at the time. They lead, develop communication between school community groups to represent the student voice, help maintain the wellbeing and engagement of the student body, promote sustainability and care for school facilities, and drive the promotion of fundraising initiatives.