Learning Programs - Transition

Ripponlea Primary School's ‘Stepping Up’ transition programs endeavour to familiarise students with the settings and expectations of their new year level. 

‘Stepping Up’ from Kinder to Foundation

Kindergarten students enrolled at the school are invited to attend five sessions to help orientate them with our school environment. Whilst attendance at all stepping-up sessions is not compulsory, it is strongly encouraged.

‘Stepping Up’ sessions are conducted in Term 4 and further details can be found on the Foundation Stepping Up page.

‘Stepping-Up’ - Foundation through to Year 5

Current Foundation - Year 5 students participate in three 'Stepping-Up' sessions at the end of the school year to assist their transition to the next year level.

Students ‘step-up’ in their current class groupings and attend sessions conducted by this year’s level teachers, in their classrooms.

‘Stepping-Up’ from Year 6 to Year 7

Secondary school orientation programs vary from school to school and parents are advised to make their own inquiries.

A state-wide orientation day is offered in December (usually the second Tuesday of the month), for all Year 6 students enrolled at a Government Secondary School. Please check with schools for details.