Our School - Annual Report & Strategic Plan

The rigorous and affirming Triennial Review in December 2013 was a great opportunity for the school community to reflect on its many successes throughout the previous four year period.

The goals and targets detailed in our 2014-2017 School Strategic Plan build on successful past practices; focus on promoting global awareness, self-responsibility and high achievement; and reflect our school values of community, creativity, integrity, open-mindedness, resilience and respect.

Our goals for 2014-2017 are:

Achievement: to raise student achievement and learning growth in Literacy and Numeracy, especially for more able students.

Engagement: to develop highly motivated, inspired and engaged students who are excited about learning and strive to achieve.

Wellbeing: to continue developing highly confident, resilient and adaptive students with the capacity to become effective future global citizens.

Transition: to achieve seamless transition of students into the school; as they progress from year to year; and as they progress to secondary school.

Productivity:  to improve the allocation and performance of resources (human, financial, space and materials) to meet the priorities identified in the 2014-2017 School Strategic Plan and maximise learning outcomes for students.

The 2016 Annual Report to the School Community provides a snap shot of the school's performance over the past 12 months.

In partnership with parents and the broader school community, Ripponlea Primary School is well placed to take up the challenge for our children now and into the future.

School Accountability

The Department of Education and Training (DET) mandates the following accountability reports from all government schools:

§   Annual Report: produced in March for the previous calendar year.

§   Triennial Review: conducted every fourth year to assess school data against goals identified in the School Strategic Plan.

§   School Strategic Plan: goals and targets determined for a three year period, resulting from the outcomes of the Triennial Review.

§   Annual Implementation Plan: yearly plans to achieve goals and targets of the School Strategic Plan.

§   Parent Opinion Survey: a random sample of parents are asked to complete a DET survey about school performance.

§   Student Opinion Survey: all Year 5 and 6 students are asked to complete a DET survey to seek their opinion of the school.

§   Staff Opinion Survey: all DET-employed staff are asked to complete a DET survey about school performance.

§   Student Attendance: student attendance is entered online twice a day.

§   Report to the Community: detail of school performance is reported through the Annual Report to the School Community and MySchool website.