For Parents - Terms, Holidays & Assemblies

2019 Assembly Dates

School assemblies are a chance for the whole school community to share general information, celebrate achievements and make relevant reports and announcements. Parents, carers and friends are welcome to attend.  In an effort to accommodate more parents and friends, assemblies are held at 3pm on Friday's, except for the first day of each new term when a whole school assembly will be held at 9.00am. 

Whole school assemblies are held in the Barrbunin hall and are led by the School Captains. 
Term 2    

Tuesday 23 April

Whole School


Friday 26 April

ANZAC Day Assembly


Friday 17 May

Whole School


Friday 24 May    

Whole School


Friday 31 May

Whole School


Friday 7 June 

Whole School


Friday 21 June  

Whole School


Friday 28 June Last Assembly of Term 2 2:00pm

Term 2 ends at 2:30pm on

Friday 28 June.  


2019 School Terms

Term 1:
Student-Free Curriculum Day*  Tue 29 January
Student-Free Curriculum Day*  Wed 30 January
Uniform Shop Open 9.30-10.30am Wed 30 January
Students Commence Thu 31 January
Labour Day Public Holiday Mon 11 March
Term 1 Ends at 2:30pm Fri 5 April

Term 2: 

Easter Monday Public Holiday
Mon 22 April
Students Commence Tue 23 April
Anzac Day Public Holiday Thu 25 April
Student-Free Curriculum Day* Fri 10 May
Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday Mon 10 June
Term 2 Ends at 2:30pm Fri 28 June

Term 3:

Student-Free Curriculum Day* Mon 15 July
Students Commence Tue 16 July
Term 3 Ends at 2:30pm Fri 20 September

Term 4:

Students Commence Mon 7 October
Melb Cup Day Public Holiday Tue 5 November
Term 4 Ends at 1:30pm Fri 20 December

















Students return to school on TBD.

For more information on Victorian school dates refer to the Department of Education website.

*Curriculum Days
Students are not required to attend school on Curriculum Days.