For Parents - Parent Communication

The more actively families are involved in their child’s education the better the education results - put simply, kids do better when their families are involved in their education.

A strong home-school partnership is vital for your child’s education and to be successful, it is a two-way process. We ask that families take personal responsibility to stay informed on a regular basis. Your child, their teachers and the school as a whole will appreciate and benefit from it.

Meetings and Information Sessions

We invite and foster meaningful communication between school and home and our teachers avail themselves for parents to discuss issues related to their child at any time throughout the year. These meetings may be instigated by either the teacher or parent. Importantly, please make contact with the teacher or school before a concern or issue escalates.

The school schedules the following Parent–Teacher meetings:

  • You Tell Us in February is an opportunity for parents to talk privately with their child’s teacher(s) about their child
  • Student-Led Conferences in June/July, when parents meet with both their child and teacher to discuss the child’s learning journey to date

Throughout the year Parent Information Sessions are provided including:

  • Year Level Team Information Sessions conducted by teaching teams in February, aimed at providing parents with a snapshot of the year ahead
  • School Council Information Sessions throughout the year for example, the Annual Report and Q&A sessions
  • Learning and Teaching Information Sessions provided by staff throughout the year, for example Maths, Cybersafety, Home Learning

Student Reports and Portfolios

Student reports are written by your child's class teacher and sent home in June and December.

Student portfolios are a key tool that students use to reflect on and assess their progress over time. Throughout each term, students collate examples of key learning activities undertaken as a record of their educational journey. Parents are welcome to review their child's portfolio at any time.  Portfolios are also used as a reference for discussion during Student-Led Conferences.

Online Communication

To keep parents informed about curriculum, class events, home learning tasks, excursions and incursions, teachers provide fortnightly updates on Year Level Blogs. We strongly recommend that you subscribe to your child's blog in order to receive update alerts.  Years 3 – 6 also use Edmodo sites.

The Skoolbag app provides access to:

  • the school’s calendar of Events (which can be entered directly to your online diary),
  • weekly Newsletters (published each Monday),
  • class News, and
  • links to Alerts, reminders and forms.

Every parent can sign-up to receive messages from the school relevant to their child and interest. Access to the app is also available on the Home page.