Reptile Encounter Incursion

Reptile Encounters’ Incursion, as part of a ‘Feathers, Fur and Scales’ program, was fascinating. This incursion supported our Biological Sciences inquiry unit, ‘Living Things’ and whilst called reptile encounters, actually included three other species!

The students examined the features of a Barking Owl, a Ring-tailed Possum, a Salt Water Crocodile, a Shingleback Lizard, a Frilled Neck Dragon, a Woma Python, a Murray River Turtle and a huge Olive Python! Josh, the handler, described their features carefully, their diet, habitat and how the species had evolved in response to its environment. Students could hold or touch the animal and take a very close look. You’ll see we have uploaded photos and videos from the day. The kids were captivated, enthralled, awe-struck, memerised, rapt and spellbound by the presentation


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