Mother's Day Stall

Thank you to our fabulous volunteers for running the Mother’s Day Stall, giving our students the opportunity to purchase a small token of appreciation for their loved one. We hope that all the special women of our RPS community were spoilt with lots of love from their families over the weekend.

There are a thousand ways to be a mother to someone so thank you to all the women who provide love, care and support for children in our community. Thanks to our mums and grandmas, the aunts and best friends, the neighbours and teachers, the co-workers and carers for all your love, a shoulder to cry on and for every wise bit of hard learned advice you have shared.

Students were excited to go down to our Barbunnin hall and purchase a special gift for their mum's, grandma's, Aunties or important person in their lives. We wish to extend a massive thank you to our parent volunteers who planned, oraganised and ran the stall. Their was an endless supply of gifts and students had a large variety to choose from.

This year we were supporting the The Very Special Kids Charity, who supplied us with some beautiful cards.  Students who purchased a card had their $5.00 donated to The Very Special Kids Charity.

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