Important Dates


School assemblies are a chance for the whole school community to share information, celebrate achievements and make announcements. Assemblies are led by the school leaders and everyone is welcome to attend.

Assemblies are held in the Barrbunin at 3pm on Fridays (except for the first day of each term when a whole school assembly is held at 9.00am).

2021 School Terms


Term 1:

Wed 27th Jan:  Student Free Day

Thu 28th Jan: Students Return to School

Fri 12th Feb: Curriculum Day

Mon 8th Mar: Labour Day Public Holiday

Wed 31st Mar: Students Last Day of Term - Students finish @2:30pm

Thu 1st Apr: Last Day of Term - Curriculum Day


Term 2:
Mon 19th Apr: Students Return to School

Mon 14th Jun: Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Fri 25th Jun: Last Day of Term - Early Finish @2:30pm
Term 3:
Mon 12th Jul: Students Return to School

Thu 16th Sep: Students last day of term

Fri 17th Sep: Last Day of Term - Early Finish @2:30pm

Term 4:
Mon 4th Oct: Students Return to School

Mon 1st Nov: Curriculum Day

Tue 2nd Nov: Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

Fri 17th Dec: Last Day of Term - Early Finish @1:30pm



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