Our core purpose is to offer every student exceptional academic, social, emotional and physical education, and our brilliant staff are 100% committed to delivering learning and teaching practices that achieve this.  Through their evidence-based, innovative and engaging approaches to pedagogy, our students are empowered to become inquisitive and independent learners.


Teaching is an evolving and dynamic profession and we encourage all our educators to engage in ongoing professional development to challenge and inspire their own practices and refine their expertise.


We have high quality teaching teams and curriculum leaders across all year levels and specialist areas who work together to plan and roll out our dynamic curriculum, and to evaluate its effectiveness to ensure it is continuously adapting to the learning needs of our students.


2022 Principal Class Officers


Natalie Rose


Jess Grey

(Principal) (Assistant Principal) (Student Wellbeing)



School Leadership Team


                                 Natalie Rose


                    Jess Grey

                                  Jane De Lorenzo                    Vicki Smith
                                 Julie Nield                  Braden Leech




Administration Team


Jac Holzer


Kate Crawford

(Administration, Enrolments & Communications Officer) (Business Manager)




2022 PLC Teams



Jane De Lorenzo (PLC Team Leader)

Luca Dickinson


Year 1/2

Vicki Smith (PLC Team Leader)

Dominique Wimpole

Lucy Clover/Kate Ries

David Bremner

Stefanie Hoffner



Year 3/4

Julie Nield (PLC Team Leader)

Lydia Ioannidis

Brenton O'Hoy



Year 5/6

Braden Leech (PLC Team Leader)

Sarah Coughlin




 2022 Specialist Team 

2022 Education Support Staff


Susie Massy (Sport and Physical Education)
Andria Arendze (Visual Arts)
Rob Griffiths (Performing Arts & Learning Tutor)
Danielle Merlino (LOTE/Italian and French)


Emily Ingamells (Literacy Intervention)
Mark Soroczynski (Integration Aide)
Natalie Pfaller (Integration Aide)
Kim Fitzgibbon (Integration Aide)

Fiona Clarke (Integration Aide)

Fred Rubinstein (Integration Aide)

Talia leggett (Integration Aide)

Antonia Provatas (Learning Tutor)







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