At Ripponlea Primary School, the students are front and centre of all our teaching and learning and we develop programs and practices, and offer educational and extra-curricular experiences that support our children to thrive - no matter who they are or  whatever path they choose to pursue.  We educate our children to be passionate and curious learners who are valued for their individuality and diversity.

With a core focus on literacy and numeracy, our teachers provide a stimulating, comprehensive and challenging curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculum - which outlines the common set of knowledge and skills required by students for lifelong learning, social development and active and informed citizenship. We tailor our programs to suit the needs of our students, and to inspire their love of learning across English, Mathematics, Science, ICT and Specialist subjects. In F-2 in particular, we have a strong emphasis on learning through play.  Learning should be a joy and that's how we like it to be at Ripponlea.

We offer a rich academic environment that empowers them with an understanding of how their own strengths and skills will maximise their success.  Guiding students to become independent learners is a goal for all teachers at Ripponlea Primary School and we adopt a Gradual Release of Responsibility Instructional Model.

The model is rich in utilising high impact teacher practices and strategies, explicit modelling, guided practice, prompting and cuing, listening to expert thinking, encouraging collaborative experiences, and lots of opportunity for review.




Professional Learning Communities - PLC Practices

Teaching staff at RPS are members of 'Professional Learning Communiites' (PLCs) where they collectively focus on individual student learning. PLC members share accountability for maximising student learning through continually evaluating and refining their practices based on reliable data and evidence-based approaches. 


Teachers use the 'FISO Improvement Cycle' tool to continually measure and evaluate the impact of their teaching and make necessary adjustments for individual student engagement, inclusion and learning. The continuous nature of this improvement cycle informs level-based reviews of the curriculum on a semester basis. The leadership team at RPS uses this information to review the curriculum at a whole-school level each year, ensuring also that it meets curriculum guidelines set by the Department.



We use an Inquiry Methodology which enables students to develop an understanding of 'big picture' concepts by questioning, researching, analysing, presenting and sharing their learning. Students are encouraged to be critical and reflective thinkers, connecting their knowledge and experience to develop relevance and personal meaning of the ideas under inquiry.  Some of the units we’ve explored are: ‘Community’ (Foundation), ‘Light and Sound’ (1/2), ‘The Ages of Exploration (3/4) and ‘Design, Persuasion & Innovation’ (5/6).

Circle Time
Circle Time at Ripponlea Primary School is embedded into school routines.  The circle format is an ancient form of spiritual, communal and political communication and is found throughout world traditions. We use a circle to encourage positive interactions, provide structure to our teaching practices and when we want to talk about an issue in a way that allows everyone to participate and contribute.

Circle Time sets up a climate of collaboration and trust and is useful for teacher and student discussion and decision-making.



Our classroom work is complemented by a specialist program that includes weekly 50-minute sessions of:

  • Physical Education & Sport
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • LOTE (Italian and French).

Find out what happens in our specialist classes here.

We also have a well-resourced library with a great variety of fiction and non-fiction texts.  Our students have a dedicated library session each week and are also able to visit the library during some lunchtimes.


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