School Council

The School Council plays an important role in the life of Ripponlea Primary School to ensure a quality education for all our students. School Council consists of elected staff members, parents and the School Principal, and is responsible for developing policies, maintaining facilities and grounds, and overseeing financial operations.   

2021 School Councilors

Parent Members

Tarryn Holland – President
Simone Kaplan - Vice President
Lee Wallace – convenor of Finance
Jaclyn Paltos – convenor of Publicity & Marketing
Robyn Cooney - convenor of Ripper Families (Previously School and Community Partnerships)
Colin Smith - convenor of Facilities & Environment
Bridget Hast - convenor of Sustainability

DET Members
Natalie Rose – Executive Officer
Jessica Grey
Braden Leech - Governance
Julie Nield

As well as the School Council, a group of parents and staff oversee committees.  These committees look after different areas of the school and are in place to make recommendations to the School Council.

The committees are:



This committee provides a forum for discussion of current educational policy and respond to requests from School Council as well as feedback from teachers, parents and students. They oversee the school’s policies and update and revise policies in line with DET policies and guidelines. They ensure all policies and guidelines are consistent with the Strategic Plan and support School Council and other committees. They seek feedback on proposed/draft policies from teachers and parents/school community as required, and present new or updated policies to School Council for ratification.



This committee oversees the management of school finances and ensures there is good governance and responsible administration of the financial resources of the school. This committee organises the operational budget of the school, monitors revenue and expenditure and manages the resources available via government funding, parent contributions, grants, fundraising and school operations.


Facilities and Environment

This committee of volunteers manages a “Master Plan” of works and projects aimed at maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for our students. The organisation of working bees is a major function along with coordinating the assistance of volunteers to support a range of small and large scale projects. The school's current “Learning Deck project is an example of coordinated volunteers with particular skills coming together to bring this project to its completion. This includes architects, building advisors, grant writers, accessibility consultants, project managers and carpenters all lending their expertise.


Publicity and Marketing

This committee manages our social media platforms which include Facebook, Instagram and the school's website. Our convenor ensures that all school related events are publicised and communicated appropriately. On occasion this includes our local leader newspaper and video publicity.


Ripper Families

Play an essential role in engaging our school community. The committee is responsible for fundraising within the school, as well as the coordination and oversight of school events. Some examples of our Ripper Events/fundraisers include: Mother's and Father's day stall, footy Day, Cake Stalls and Special Lunch Days just to name a few.



Our vision is to be a sustainable community within which children learn through play to care for and respect each other and the environment. We intend for children and families to gain knowledge, understanding and skills to foster a successful sustainable future. Sustainable practices should be seen as an everyday part of life. At RPS we will model these practices which are embedded in the curriculum and continue to be expanded to cover new initiatives. We aim for all children to develop real and meaningful connections with their environment in partnership with their families, the staff team and the school community, in order to become responsible and effective global citizens.


Speak to the convenor of each committee if you are interested in joining.




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