Student Leaders

Each December, students nominate themselves for leadership positions.

Two year 6 students hold the position of School Captain - they work with different teams of students and teachers to coordinate whole-school events. They also lead whole-school assemblies, coordinate the Year 5/6 responsibilities, and lead Student Council.

Year 6 students also hold the position of House Captain in each House.  They focus on organising and leading house events, including house points days, swimming, cross country, athletics and house music competitions.

The Student Council leads and develops communication between school community groups as a way of representing the student voice. 

Student Council is made up of four committees of students, each with distinct responsibilities:


Student Health & Wellbeing supports the organisation of mental health and wellbeing initiatives across the school and advocates for the Positive Behaviour Support framework (PBS) as student representatives.


Sustainability is a new student action team which manages sustainability initiatives, including aspects of the Resource Smart School’s program and related projects like the kitchen and gardens and the outdoor learning deck. They will be mentors to the younger students and lead their peers to engage, connect and interact with sustainability through practical experiences that will benefit all students and the wider community (and our precious planet!). Later this year, students from Years 3-6 will elect to join this committee for additional support.


Fundraising/Activities/Events (Student Action Team) support the implementation of activities, events and fundraising initiatives that benefit the students, school and the wider community.


Student Representative Council conducts classroom circles, forums and surveys in order to seek opinions from all students across the school. They inform decisions and communicate through a range of digital tools and collaborate with other committees.



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