House System



At Ripponlea our connection to the Bunurong people as the traditional custodians of the land on which our students learn and play is authentic and creates opportunities for symbolic connections and learning the rich language. In 2022, all students voted on which native animals will represent our new House System. 


The Bunurong Land Council provided names for each animal to ensure the house spirit is alive and well at Ripponlea. 


Our new house names include:  

  • Bemin – Ring-tailed possum (formerly Furneaux) pronounced Bem - in
  • Warren – Wombat (formerly Orrong) pronounced Wa – reen
  • Booring – Bandicoot (formerly Loch) pronounced Boo – ring
  • Tunparrim – Lizard (formerly Carrington) pronounced Tun- parrum

Whilst we are in a transitional phase, students are encouraged to wear their CURRENT house colours on special house days until our new house tops are available for purchase. 


EduThreads stocks house T-shirts for this purpose (purchase optional).


In 2024, students will be permitted to wear either top as we phase out the old House names. In 2025, the new House Tops will be part of the compulsory school uniform items. 


Students are permitted to wear House tops during regular Physical Education classes throughout the school week and during special House events. 


These include:


House Swimming Carnival 

House Cross Country 

House Athletics Carnival 

House Music Carnival 



House Colours


                        Turquoise                                                                        Black 




                             Orange                                                                        Purple 


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