Restorative Justice

Student Behaviour and Restorative Practices
We adopt a ‘restorative justice’ philosophy which is about being respectful towards and of, every member of our school community, encouraging responsible behaviour and actions, and ensuring that personal pride and dignity is maintained.


Restorative practices are intended to move the focus away from a punitive consequence that is based on the establishment of wrong-doing. Rather it seeks to value and support those involved so that they feel empowered to take positive action to address the situation and move forward. Restoriative practices allow for harm to be explored by all affected parties, giving opportunity to repair the harm and reach an agreement. 

The Restorative Justice philosophy focuses on understanding, resolving and teaching/learning. It provides a forum that encourages open and respectful dialogue, enabling students to learn how to better manage their social and emotional issues and as a result, free their capacity to learn.

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